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Everyone talks about a good location. We’ll show you what it means!


The Bay Center is an office complex consisting of 3 multi-storey buildings, specially laid out for commercial firms.

The traditional interaction and cooperation between strong medium-sized companies and international corporations is characteristic for the Stuttgart economic region, which occupies a top position among European industrial regions. Factors such as innovativeness, a highly qualified workforce, and not least the typical Swabian inventor mentality, ensure that this region will remain at the forefront in the years to come.

There are good reasons for locating at the Bay Center. Waiblingen is among the most important business locations in Greater Stuttgart, so that in addition to regional companies, the Waiblingen Industrial Estate also hosts premium names in German industry.

The Bay Centre Business Project is located here, and has been home to many satisfied tenants for years. Demand drives supply, and accordingly we added new buildings to the Bay Center in 1999/2000/2007, and completely modernised the original building.

This has created a building cluster with a total of 10,000 sq.m. usable area. The Bay Center has an underground car park, additional customer parking spaces, bright and generous rooms (some with terraces) and company apartments. The rooms are equipped to suit the needs of the tenants and are air-conditioned. The Bay Center offers everything required to satisfy the most discriminating tenants.

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